Being Your Own Best Friend is a book that highlights our relationships with ourselves. It reminds us of the importance of being as tolerant, caring and kind to ourselves as we are to the people we love. This is a very current topic, as many children and adults are struggling with disapproval, self-criticism and negative thoughts.


The author has worked closely with this issue for many years, both personally and professionally as a nurse and coach.

Every morning you will wake up with yourself.

Every evening you will fall asleep with yourself.

Every step you take, you will be accompanied by yourself.



Marianne Magelssen is a qualified nurse, coach and mindfulness instructor.


She is the author of the books: Being your own best friend, Breathing for Life and Dear God, Are You Coming Soon? It Is So Messy Here.


Marianne is interested in the resources we all already possess. Taking charge of our own lives. Taking charge of our health, our performance, our behavior and our stress levels.